Birds of Prey runtime reportedly revealed – will be the shortest DCEU movie so far

The Birds of Prey runtime has reportedly been released – thanks to the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO). If the numbers ring true, it makes the film – full title Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) – the shortest DCEU movie yet.

So, the Birds of Prey runtime is 108 minutes according to IFCO (opens in new tab) (via (opens in new tab)). Or 108 minutes, 46 seconds if you’re feeling particularly precise.

While runtimes in general are not even close to being an indication of quality, it’s interesting to see how the Suicide Squad spin-off stacks up to its DC peers. In fact, it’s the only one to come in at under two hours.

Man of Steel (opens in new tab) (143 minutes), Batman v Superman (opens in new tab) (151 minutes), Suicide Squad (opens in new tab) (123 minutes), Wonder Woman (opens in new tab) (141 minutes), Justice League (opens in new tab) (121 minutes), Aquaman (opens in new tab) (143 minutes), and Shazam (opens in new tab) (131 minutes) are each longer than the purposed Birds of Prey runtime.

However, this Birds of Prey runtime isn’t official. Not yet, anyway. You only have to look at the early (and slightly wrong) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (opens in new tab) runtime to see that plans change (opens in new tab) and cuts can end up being extended – or shortened – before making it to cinemas.

The classification also hints at a more mature comic book adventure, with ‘Strong’ violence and language present and also ‘Moderate’ drug references. Don’t buy it? Check out the new Birds of Prey trailer (opens in new tab), featuring stabbings, Harley Quinn getting high and… a hyena named Bruce. Obviously.

Birds of Prey is set for release on February 7.

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