Bioware advises all players to experience the Anthem demo with other people

The VIP Anthem demo (opens in new tab) starts this week, and although Bioware has always stressed that it can be seen as a single-player experience within its multiplayer-focused world, the studio’s biggest piece of advice for those testing the upcoming Anthem (opens in new tab) game  demo out this weekend would be to find some buddies to play it with. 

Speaking to Bioware producer at an Anthem preview event, I asked him what he suggested players make their biggest priority when playing the demo this weekend, and next. His reply? Find friends. Sorry Bioware soloists. 

“Play the game with others. Take advantage of the machine that we’ve built, and experience it together with other people,” says Singleton. 

He also advises making sure you’re playing with a full range of Javelin types. There are four available in the game – the all-rounder Ranger, tank-like Colossus, super speedy Interceptor, or the space wizard Storm – and it actually benefits you to see the other exosuits in action. 

“And make sure that when you’re doing that, that you’re actually playing with people in different Javelins, because you’re playing and experiencing your Javelin, but you’ll be able to see the powers of the others too, without actually having to play as them.”

In the full game, you’ll eventually be able to have all four Javelin types in your arsenal, but to begin with you’ll have to choose just one. Might as well use the demo to test out what you think your initial favorite will be after all. 

Anthem is out on February 22 on PC, Xbox One and PS4 so there’s not long to wait until you’ll be able to get the full game experience for yourself. 

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