Imp of the Suns latest trailer shows off fluid gameplay inspired by Peruvian culture

Imp of the Sun, a fast-paced 2D action-platformer inspired by Peruvian culture, showed off its latest trailer at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase.

With the power of the sun stolen by the mysterious Four Keepers, you play as Nin, an imp created from the final spark of the sun. Your task is to travel across the game’s non-linear world and defeat each of the keepers to end the Eternal Eclipse before the entire planet is lost to the darkness.

The trailer shows off Nin’s impressive moves, both in and out of combat. With gameplay streamlined to allow for fast-paced, fluid movement and solar-powered combat based around Nin’s pyromantic ability, you’ll be able to speed nimbly through regions inspired by South America, from Andean mountains to Amazonian rainforest, arid deserts to the depths of the underworld.

Built to be played and re-played as you become more familiar with Nin and his powers, Imp of the Sun will let you cross its world and take on its five bosses in any order you wish, all while enjoying its unique Peruvian-influenced art style and soundtrack. Entirely hand-drawn, the game takes inspiration from the many different cultures and civilizations that Peru has been home to over the centuries.

Good news: Imp of the Sun launches on March 24 – the same day as the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase – and you may have even caught a quick look at it during the latest Steam Next Fest, which offered a playable demo in February.

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