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The Witness Walkthrough & Puzzle Guide

The Witness walkthrough is exactly what you need if you’re running up against certain conundrums that you can’t solve, and with over 650 puzzles in total to get through it’s likely that you’ll hit the wall at some point. It’s fair to say that The Witness will test and push …

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The Witness: Finding forgiveness in the finale

Warning: Spoilers for The Witness ahead Besides those increasingly infamous Tetris block puzzles, the mountain is bound to be the biggest stumbling block for anyone playing The Witness (opens in new tab). After hours spent drawing lines on puzzle panels and deciphering the rules associated with certain shapes and colors, …

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Stressed out? Watch this trailer for The Witness

There will be time to tear your hair out over The Witness’ 677 puzzles later. For now, sit back for a relaxing bird’s eye view of a stretch of the island, and try not to focus too hard on the many black panels just waiting to receive your inscrutable input. …

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